why your words matter NOW

I can’t help but believe that growing up produces within us a more purposeful way of living. despite the challenges and uncertainties that come as a result of taking on years as adults, it’s not as bad as it’s cracked up to be. that moment when we become aware that time actually is flying by just like our parents said it would – we panic, but then we breathe and actually start to appreciate the potential in every single new day. this time when we start to gain purpose from a realization that there are still lessons to be learned is a beautiful NEEDED season that we’ve got to undergo. the closer I get to my twenties, the more changes my bookshelf has undergone. what once was a massive collection of political books full of opinions about what I thought were pressing controversial topics that mattered has become a small collection of books on spiritual, personal, and mental awareness and growth. at the start of new years I no longer resolve to “go to more concerts” or “workout more.” this woman I am resolves to fulfill and embody scripture in her everyday walk. I now resolve to know myself on a more personal level than I ever desired to and appreciate her and all that she brings to the table.

a lesson that the Lord convinced me I need to learn this year is how to watch my mouth and hold my tongue to a higher standard as we’re often called to do as Children of God. one of my most pressing reasons for trying to learn this lesson is for my future kids – yes, I’m probably entirely too young to be worrying about kids (especially since I’m very very single), but I’m honestly at the point in my life when I hope that a family is something the Lord has for me. theres no better time than now to start more closely resembling the woman/wife/mom I want to be – the only thing we’re promised is right now – every second and hour after is just a gift.

so now that you know my heart a little better, we can talk about my conviction to watch my tongue! obviously, Scripture is full of reasons for doing so – God couldn’t be any clearer regarding the standard we’re to hold ourselves to when we speak. the most convicting passage that I’ve found is by far Colossians 4:6 though:

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

one of the many things our fallen world is so sadly lacking is kind words – that’s why it’s fallen. one thing we rarely ever hear are words of affirmation, kindness, grace, and optimism. it’s so much easier to let our lips drip the opposite, especially when we’re around those we don’t particularly like. sadly, I’ve also found in my own life that it’s even easy to say some pretty awful things to the ones that I love the most – it’s a constant battle to find kind words when every hateful one is coming to mind in the heat of some moments.

unfortunately, it’s far more enjoyable to talk about everyone else’s problems instead of our own because acknowledging our own dirt and nastiness sucks. but here’s the deal: its bad enough that my children will have to inherit a fallen world, so how can I make my home something far from fallen? how can I build a space where kind words and grace-filled conversations are the norm? how can I best prepare myself NOW, as a 19-year-old college student, to take on this challenge one day if that’s what God has for me to do? because let’s be real, its not going to be a small task.

I can’t help but be completely psyched and humbled typing all those words up there and about the challenge before me to be a better human and grow during my time here on earth. even if its not in the cards for me to be a mom or wife, learning this lesson NOW will no doubt yield a life of sweeter relationships and a closer walk with my God. the lessons the Lord teaches are never a waste. I believe that the more challenging they are, the more grace He offers. so heres to loving with not only our actions, but with our words as well. here’s to knowing how to answer everyone just like the Lord would.

P.S. my inspiration to write this post came as a result of some words spoken by two incredible parents, Josh and Naomi Davis. today I came across a video they made to share about how they’ve resolved to raise their three kids and their passion and drive to raise good humans just deeply resonated with me even though I have no kids of my own. I so appreciate that they’ve resolved to live positive, Godly lives and teach their children to do the same – it’s a blessing to get to watch through a crazy thing like social media. so thank you to them for sharing their hearts – you can watch and be inspired as well, just click here!