the shine project

this organization is incredible, I found out about them via instagram a year or so back and have been following ever since! they work hard to find and employ inner-city and at-risk youth to hand-make jewelry to raise money that goes towards helping them pay their way through college. the owner and founder, Ashley Lemieux, was prayerful in founding the organization and ever since day one she and every customer have been playing a huge role in giving these young adults the necessary tools they need to make a brighter future for themselves. an organization like this one not only gives you the chance to donate, but gives you a unique product in return that was handmade by the person your money will end up directly impacting the life of – and I think that’s a truly beautiful concept! below you’ll find the link to their website where you can learn more about their mission and hopefully invest in the life and future of someone in need! once you see all of the adorable bracelets they sell you’ll be struggling to choose just one!

The Shine Project’s site: