the pretty good life


“when joy is a habit, loving people is a reflex” – bob goff

I was out the door fast this morning, which is starting to become the norm for me these days and I guess it will continue to be for the next 3 years of my college career.

I find myself desperately trying to love every second of it since I’ve been told on countless occasions that this season will fly by! what a season of life this is. I arrive at Starbucks and step in line and notice the older man in front of me is smiling at me, so I awkwardly smile back – don’t know why smiling and actually ENGAGING with people has become awkward or maybe it’s just me? anyways, we look away and I think nothing of the encounter, until he motions me over and tells the cashier that I can order whatever I’d like and it’s on him this morning – I was floored at the kindness of a complete stranger and didn’t know how to react, so I just profusely thanked him and proceed with ordering my iced coffee.

so the order is placed and I walk over to the bar to wait and get to know the man that just made my entire morning. we shake hands and exchange names and he starts to ask me about what I’m studying in school. I fill him in on my life and then begin asking about his and after some small talk we get our drinks and part ways. the smile I was walking out with was huge and I couldn’t stop thanking God for that moment that I got to be a part of and for the kindness of a total stranger. such a small thing that defined my thinking for the rest of my day and left me with a new grasp on the purpose of all the seasons we walk through: just simply giving. giving smiles, giving time, giving conversation, giving coffee, giving kindness, giving, giving, giving.

at one point in my conversation with “Bubba” this morning, he told me that he’s been blessed enough to see a lot of parts of the world due to his job and that he’s “lived a pretty good life” and he said it with this sincerity and complete contentment that I don’t think I’ll ever get over to be completely honest. straight up JOY, like he wouldn’t change a thing about the way he decided to live. life is just so beautiful and I grow more and more in love with it everyday and it was incredible to meet someone with way more years under their belt who still felt the same way.

today I realized that I want the good life, but not the world’s version. instead, I’ll take Bubba’s version. a life not too busy to watch for an opportunity to pay for a stressed out college student’s coffee on a monday morning. the life that can be summed up as truly GOOD.

so lets start walking with eyes open for opportunities to live good lives and give back so that others can realize that they want to do the same.

that kind of purpose is so contagious and what a different world this one would be if we all wanted to live that kind of good life.