it used to be a word

“You need to find your joy again, kind of like car keys.

When I lose mine, I just go back to where I remember seeing them last.”

“Joy” used to simply be a word in my vocabulary, but now I’ve learned that it’s a lifestyle.

this semester has been one of counsel seeking, big decision making, stress crying, and undeserved blessings. along the way I’ve tried my hand at intentionally seeking joy and the Lord has met me in my search in larger ways than I could have ever imagined – from providing me with new friends that push me to be the best version of myself to clarity about what I want to spend my time here on earth doing.

back in October, I was in the process of finishing Bob Goff’s “Love Does” and I was brimming with a desire to actually start doing the work that the Lord put inside me and me alone to do. I was looking for purpose, but not just a broad sense of purpose – purpose tailored for me. In the process of all this joy and purpose searching, I reached out to a ton of incredible people that I have crazy amounts of respect for just to shed as much light on the subject of loving your life as I could. one of those people was Bob Goff. towards the end of October, I shot him an email asking him about how he thought I could find my purpose and be happy in the day-to-day monotony that is college.

this morning when I was just about to lose my mind studying for exams, he responded with the above and today I’m one step closer to taking my joy back, even in the midst of finals.

so let’s be full of joy, because in His presence that’s one of the many things we are never lacking. what I’ve learned in the last four months is that with a God as good as ours and as big as ours, there’s really no room for two things: accepting mediocrity and ever choosing to stop looking for joy.