Long Island, NY has become one of the most special places in the US of A for me extremely quickly – and I’m talking I’ve only spent less than two weeks here quickly. my first trip to “the neck” was taken smack dab in the middle of my sophomore year of college and when I say “smack dab in the middle” I mean that I actually missed three whole days of classes. the best part of that trip was the fact that I missed three days of classes for a John Mayer concert with my aunt and I somehow did all of this with not only my parent’s permission but also with their¬†funding. that’s all you need to know in order to understand just how cool my parents are. my second visit was at the very end of the summer before I began my junior year of college and, like my first trip, it was nothing short of bonfires on the beach, “summer breeze” by seal’s and croft special. these are all of my favorite shots from both trips – enjoy!

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