enchanted rock

a few weeks ago I texted one of my most adventurous friends, mita, and told her that I needed a change of scenery – so being the great friend that she is, she told me she’d meet me at enchanted rock right outside Fredericksburg, TX. for some much needed hiking, hammocking, life-talking, and of course plenty of adventuring.

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after arriving and picking a random site to call home for the night, we headed to our little plot of land to set up and unpack, but when we got there that evening, we were “welcomed” by some pretty hostile/territorial/scary wasps that had totally already called dibs on our site – so we moved to a sweet shady spot nearby and set up our hammocks then headed out to explore the trail up to Little Rock before sunset.

the climb up little rock really did take my breath away.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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getting our feet wet with the whole climbing large rocks thing before we climbed THE Enchanted Rock – and I wish I could say the practice on day one prepared us for day 2, but nope..

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clearly day one ended on a perfect note because 1. that sky and 2. s’mores!!

so we got back to our campsite and ate a light dinner consisting of trail mix and water (who needs food I guess) and decided to make s’mores since we felt pretty deserving of them after our trek up not-so-little rock. we realized pretty quickly that we didn’t feel like actually building a real-deal fire so we cheated and roasted marshmallows with a lighter. easy cleanup and still equally delicious.

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shoutout to my boy Trader Joe for selling these sugar and cinnamon covered graham crackers that just made the night that much better

hopefully you’ve kept reading up to this point because bedtime was when everything just started to go south real quick

so we head off to bed early since we had to start our second day in the park around 6:30 the next morning to fit in everything we wanted to do and see. we climbed in our hammocks, wrapped ourselves in a shared mosquito net, and tried to fall asleep. key word there being “tried.” I’ve taken some of the best naps of my life in my hammock, so I suggested that instead of actually taking the time to set up a tent, we should just sleep in our enos and make it easy on ourselves. I (and probably mita too) quickly hated me for making that suggestion. it was uncomfortable, it was cold (who would’ve thought that a texas night in june would be cold??), and it was loud (thanks to nature and the man/bear in the tent across from us who snored loud enough to disturb anyone within a mile radius). so obviously we soon found ourselves making the trek back to our cars around 4 am to at least make an attempt to get maybe 3 hours of undisturbed sleep. lesson learned: hammocks were not made to be slept in for extended periods of time, especially not all night long in 60 degree temperatures + wind.

we woke up the next morning feeling exceptionally groggy from the far from good night sleep we got the night before – but we were ready for day two in beautiful erock. our day consisted of a 5ish mile hike on one of the longest trails, then we climbed up to enchanted rock to finish the trip the right way. the climb up was probably one of the most challenging/rewarding things I’ve ever done before hands down. I didn’t think I was going to make it at least twice, but thankfully mita does triathlons and is in significantly better shape than me so she told me to get my butt up that rock.

and that view was worth every moment when I felt 95% sure that my legs were about to literally just stop working.

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