hey, my name is Kelsea and I’m a photographer.

 here’s a little about who I am and where life has taken me so far.


 I am a proud Texan born and raised. I love this state with all of my heart and I’m convinced that God could not have chosen a better part of the world for me to grow up in.

I am a twenty-something studying at Texas A&M University: a place that has given me forever friends and a reason to get up and yell for the maroon and white on saturdays. I adore the Aggie family and I am so proud to be a member of it.

I take my coffee with a lot of cream and sugar and I take it in large quantities.

I’m in love with Jesus and the way that He loves humanity.

if I had it my way, I would live out my 20s all the way through my 60s in Austin, Texas and retire in Marfa, Texas.

I have a thing for terracotta pots (?)

if I ever took a trip to Morocco, there’s a 100% chance that I would spend the entire time admiring the tile floors and walls, but for now, I’ve settled for a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

my outfits are almost entirely made up of Madewell clothing on the regular.

as much as I love capturing people and their smiles, I’m crazy about this planet and its beauty is my favorite thing to capture with a camera. my hope is that people will be inspired to care and do more when they see my photos of mountains and rivers because being a good steward of this breathtaking earth is the responsibility of all. we can always be more and do more.

I have never laughed harder than when I saw “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” for the first time.

everything that Wes Anderson touches is gold, in my opinion.

sea glass hunting with my mom in Long Island, New York during the spring of my sophomore year of college is one of my fondest memories.

in all my photo-compiling, learning and living I have heard so many beautiful words, but a certain phrase made its home in the back of my head long ago and I have since decided to let it guide me:


"if the world is cold, make it your business to build fires"