09, 07, 2016

come let us commune


how heavily this has weighed on my heart, for so long now. I’ve tried to suppress this desire to write about it because I still don’t know how to even put all these emotions I feel into coherent sentences – but I am going to try!

before I explain why these three words are weighing on me all the time these days, I wanted to give definitions:

relationship: the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.

communion: the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

intimacy: close familiarity or friendship; closeness; a private cozy atmosphere.

and they are weighing on me so heavily because 1.) I am having such a hard time finding them played out in people’s lives when I look around and 2.) I have a hard time seeing them played out in my own life when I look backwards.

these three concepts and actions are literally hard wired into our beings by our Maker, but I don’t really feel like people look at them as gifts anymore, if they ever even did. I feel like they are being viewed as inconveniences, wastes of energy, lame, gay, etc.

and I would just like to ask really quick: WHY?!

three of God’s best gifts, that need to be ultimately lived out and shared with Him daily, but can also be lived out beside and shared with others, have suddenly become this cheap thing that isn’t worth the effort or energy anymore and I just don’t understand it. but then again I do.

how could this skewed perception NOT come about as a result of this cheap, impersonal, and shallow world that we live in? if the laws of cause and effect hold up, this had to be the way it’d end.

we mindlessly scroll through a seemingly endless stream of people’s photos, intimate moments of life, and the only attention we’ve got to pay them is or isn’t a double tap on a photo – we don’t have to know more, we don’t get to share in the feelings they had in the moment simply because we don’t have to

we like complete stranger’s posts on facebook and tweets on twitter

we swipe right if she cute, swipe left if she’s not

sex is casual, so casual that if you’re both down you can just do it with someone you know nothing about and blame it on the fact that you had one too many drinks then go your own separate ways come morning

you can get all the pleasure you want from a woman/man on a computer screen without having to even commit in any way, shape, or form. men no longer have to deal with real, emotional women and are free to adopt a cynical attitude towards the real stuff like relationships, marriage, and commitment, therefore destroying all the more their chances at ever desiring real ever again

it’s a rarity to walk into a quiet place like a waiting room at a doctor’s office and not see every single person on their cell phone

it’s also a rarity to even see people conversing because for some reason we’d all rather mindlessly scroll through our social media feeds than actually connect with people

( i am so guilty of that one that it makes me sick with myself ^)

we no longer see any meaningful conversations being had and therefore no meaningful connections being made and with the loss of both eventually comes the loss of any kind of desire for either – and quite frankly that terrifies me..

as a person that thrives on connecting on emotional levels with people, that lives for learning people, that longs for that kind of intimacy – I am scared that any day now I and others like me, humans, won’t be able to find communion, relation and intimacy anymore. I am afraid of living in a world that is made up of 318.9 emotionally detached  human beings (and thats just the U.S. – who knows if people actually enjoy conversation in other advanced parts of the world anymore either).

so can we start communing again?

can we start relating again?

can we be real and intimate with each other again?

for my sake and for the world’s sake.

yes it will be hard, yes it will take energy, yes effort will have to be put forth, yes it will require us to step out and reach out, but what better way is there for us to shine lights and be salt than to take the time to initiate conversation with the person sitting next to us – that could drastically increase our chances of changing lives and winning souls.

“A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food.”

Jesus said to her.

and after He said to her, He conversed with her, He loved her, and He ultimately changed the course of her life completely.

what a beautiful exchange to be made and what a beautiful gift. so put the phone down ladies and gentlemen, stop settling for cheap and empty relationships and start desiring real, raw, and authentic communion with the creation and in turn with the Creator.

so come let us engage

let us adore

let us commune

because I am so convinced that those are three gifts this world cannot afford to lose or choose not to receive

6 responses to “come let us commune”

  1. Robyn Thornton says:

    Kelsea! I’m so impressed with this! I love you so much for being brave enough to write this for the world to see! I think, at least I hope, more people feel this way but are afraid to say it! Afraid that they won’t be “popular” anymore! I too, am guilty of being a little bit disconnected with people in the room because of my phone. I think that we as a people have lost our connection with others. And who is in our lives. Not on a screen. I understand that phones are important for emergency but, more often than not it’s not used for that! Playing games and looking at Facebook. All things we could do together! Do we even know how to talk to each other anymore! What with texting and email! We don’t have to actually SPEAK to anyone. And when we do we’re so distracted by “things”! Things that can wait!! I appreciate this so much. Was a great read and I applaud you for it. It needed to be said!
    Love you, sweet cousin! 💜😘

    • kelseadavis says:

      Robyn – that means more than you know!! It is so encouraging to me to know that this fell on good hearts and was heard! It also says a lot about you and your gorgeous heart that you’re noticing this problem too and that you’re mindful of it! I love you, pretty lady!! blessed to call you family!!

  2. Steve Wilsford says:

    Hi Kelsea, Your Dad posted a link to your article on FB (ironic). I am so happy and impressed by your articulation of the problem that I have been noodling in my head for some time. I have been searching for a way to reach young people in the age of digital distraction and mindless entertainment. Now, I believe you have touched on the secret. It must begin by interrupting the habits, and then building a relationship. What a great communication skill if we can master it. Thank you for the spark.

    UJBOB(Uncle Jim’s Big Old Brother)

    • kelseadavis says:

      thank you so much for the kind comments, its so encouraging to hear that other’s are thinking about these things too!! I hope we can start working hard to master it.

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