29, 06, 2016

coming down, thanking up

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“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

have you ever just sat down, laid down at the end of the day, sat in the stillness and thought about the power, the strength, the grace, love and majesty woven into the very fiber of our beings by our Creator? just sat and thought about the unique fabric he used when he knit each of us together inside our mother’s womb. just the fact that the Lord has enough creativity to give us all unique passions, gifts and dreams to change the world with completely leaves me at a loss for words. different shades of pinks and reds completely unique to me covering each of my cheeks and yours. different twinkles and wrinkles in and beside each of our completely individual eyes that show with each belly laugh. how we all praise our maker in different, beautiful ways. no two prayers to our God are the same – all different petitions being uttered and giving thanks for different gifts we’ve each taken note of.  each of us going through completely different, incredible walks with our Maker and lonely ones without Him.

the beauty in the shear uncertainty of any tomorrow, but the fact that we still feel confident enough to fall asleep at the close of each day and leave God in complete control of our bodies and the continuation of our breaths while we slumber. the uniqueness of each of our morning routines, the beauty in that unique stretch each of us do when we wake. do we thank Him for the breath gifts we received in the night? the beauty in the rhythm of lungs and the beating of hearts we don’t see.

the beauty in watching people fit together like pieces in a marvelous puzzle. that we all happen to be walking on this dirt in this day and age. the beauty in God giving us all a certain amount of days to change the world. the stakes are high, are we living for such a time as this? or for just a time?

the beauty of the scenery. the gift of an earth flooded with color and the blessing that some are lucky enough to see it all through two functioning eyes. the mountains and oceans vast enough to humble even the proudest. the smells of fresh basil and mint. the garden of Eden beauty we traded in, but are left with slight traces of Creation to enjoy. that desire within to see it all, one of the strongest blessed desires. a mission that’s heaven-sent. that satisfaction, the goosebumps that arise all over when you stand on rocks far above the soil. dust feeling like soul.

variety and daily nourishment far different from the manna in the wilderness? have we thanked him for the choice? or do we still ask “what is it?” the choice to choose life or death – have we thanked him?

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